The End-To-End Blockchain Oracle

External Data Network provides a radically simpler, secure, and more cost-effective way for developers to get data in and out of smart contracts. Even between chains.


Verifiable and Tamper-Proof Data Layer for Your Decentralized Application

Smart Contract Oracle

Off-Chain Data To Power Your Smart Contract

Frontend Oracle

Blockchain API To Power Your Dapp Frontend

Cross-Chain Oracle

Send and Receive Data Between Different Blockchains

The [EDN] Difference

Developer Experience

As easy as using Stripe for payments or Axios for HTTP requests

Unified Oracle Network

One solution to get data in and out of your smart contracts

Accelerate Time-To-Market

With the data layer handled, you can ship your Dapp faster

Familiar Pricing

Monthly, Yearly, and One-Off pricing like you're used to in Web 2


Any data you want - without any 3rd-party coordination

One Token

Pay with the same token you're using to pay gas (e.g., ETH on Ethereum)

Verifiably Secure

Verify and audit the entire pipeline from source to sink at any point


EDN's built-in insurance has you covered should something go wrong

Blockchain Agnostic

Available for Ethereum and other popular smart contract platforms

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